Clutch question

On any bike if two opposing clutch springs are removed will it make the clutch pull easier without too much risk of the clutch slipping?

This would be for a bike that has a stock horsepower engine that is ridden conservatively.


not much of a risk. it will slip with out a doubt.

the stock drz clutch has one of the lightest pulls of any motorcycle ive ever ridden.

you sure the cable is in good shape? lever pivot and bolt in good shape and lubed?

It's not bad but could be lighter. I am posting to do it to my other bike (Honda CRF 230).

I have recently installed a Revloc Dyna Ring in my DRZ400 and have been putting it through some tests. So far I really like it.

Anybody have thoughts about using the klr 650 actuating arm (the peice that sits down by the starter). I think I read it helps make the pull easier.

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