05 R needle

last night i tried to put in my 05 R needle in my carb.But when i pulled the stock needle out it had a funny little spring on the top and my R needle does not look like it will work in my carb.Can anyone point me in the right direction.

It will work, that is what I did to my bike. You need to have e clip for the 05 needle, I started out in the center slot than moved it up one. My bike is closer to stock than most. When you install the needle put the spring back on top and install it like the stocker. Their are 4 of us that ride together that are using this mod. I went up one size on pilot too.

that is what i was going to do but the stock needle has a lip on the top and you drop it down through then put your e-clip on but my R needle has no lip on the top and if i put it in with the e-clip on the bottom wouldn't it just pull through?

No the lip on top of the stock needle is the e clip for it. Put the e clip on your new needle, start in the center, as I remember the spring goes on next, than the retainer. The needle kind of floats in place under the spring.

i'm lost i will have to pull it apart again and look but the stock needle looked like the top did not come apart.:smirk:

No your correct the stock needle is made like a nail. Your over thinking it. Just put it together like I posted and you will be fine.

ok thanks man i will try not till after the weekend tho we are heading to the dunes and i am out of time.

I have a stock 08 r needle if anyone wants it let me know.

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