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Side Stand fix/strengthening

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The EXC side stand is marginal at best. Because of the steel v. aluminum interface of the mount/stand, it's also short lived.

I'm completely aware of other fixes, including total replacement with aftermarket, or total elimination in favor of a milk crate. This post is offered in the spirt of help, not to provoke a Faux News style "debate". It helped me, it might help you.

The problem: the overlap between the mount and the aluminum stand is small, and likely to be gouged away, especially if the pivot screw is allowed any slack whatever. Check it out:



The object here is to enlarge (with weld) the area of the mount against which the side stand rests, when the stand is supporting the bike. I marked the area to receive the weld in this picture:


And immediately after the weld, but before any grinding:


Here it is assembled:


And a short video to show the action. Note, the faces don't look to be mating well, but they are. Just click anywhere in the black to play the video:


I used a little blue lock-tight on each of the mounting fasteners, including the pivot one. If you're inclined to lubricate the side stand, lubricate between the steel bushing and the aluminum stand. Don't lubricate the pivot screw, lock-tight it.


I'm too damn old to haul a milk crate everywhere I go:


It worked for me, it might work for you.

Harold in North Florida

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