Question about build sheet.

Searched the forum and cant' find an answer. Got my DYI kit from SPI last night. Looking at the build sheet, what are the 3 columns? I know the middle column is the thickness of the shim, I'm guessing the first number is the number of shims and the last is the width?

Also, I think I may be missing the instructions, contents sheet for 03 yz250. I have the shock instructions that Dave emailed me. If any of you have a soft copy you could email me that would be great. I sent a text to Dave but I know how busy he is so that may take a day or so...



OD, Thickness, ID

got a call from Dave earlier so I'm all straight. Thanks kan3!

The parts on the list that are unusually thick are usually spring collars and backing plates.

Here's a post on how the mid/rebound is assembled.

You should have received a sheet on the cloverleaf check plate, too.

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