Rear Master Cylinder Upgrade

Has anyone changed their rear master cylinder to the late model RM with the built-in resevoir? curious thanks!

Yep. This is an 06 system on an 03. The mount holes for master cylinder are shorter so if you look close you will see an aluminum strap that I used to mount the cylinder. I could have changed the metal mounting bracket, but that was too much trouble for me. I also used the brake line and caliper off the 06. However, the 06 rear caliper mount (one the axle goes thrue) will not work on an 03 down. It will work on an 04 up. Just use the 03 mount. Don't know about any other year below 03, but you don't need to use the 04 and up caliper anyway, or the hose.


Good info. I was just thinking about this yesterday looking at a 08 RM250.

You can't seem to find any aftermarket brake lines for the 03 with the remote resevior.

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