Leaking Head gasket effect jetting?

I really am a noob at carb work...

I restored a 84 CR 125 and it runs, but runs rough (bog) 1/4 throttle seems okay, but after that a bog is so bad that it is un-ride-able.

I figured RICH, but the plug doesn't show it. It is the plug that came with the bike, but looked good and had spark (when I checked for spark when checking out the engine.

I put on a diff. jug & piston for the jug that was from garge sale items from Eric gorr.

I cleaned the carb and it didn't seem gumbed up too much, but went through the process.

So i messed with air screw (turned out because of bog). have tried in many positions in is current 2 turns out. that didn't help so I moved the needle up a notch, that didn't work (it was at stock 4 and moved to 3) and then moved it to 2 and still bad wrong.

I'm at wits end and think of putting the old jun & piston on to see if that makes a diff. as the original piston was quite a bit bigger than the eric gorr.

The head gasket is seeping anti-freeze and wondered if that would make a "bog"?

please throw out some ideas...I checked the jets and they were stock (what book says come with the bike) I don't have with me now, but can post the sizes later.


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Do not try to adjust the jetting if you have a defect in the engine. Repair it first.

Ok, thanks william

See, if you try to jet it with a leak, first off the coolant does not burn, second, I doubt the rate of coolant in the head woul stay consistent. When you finally fix the leak, you'd have to rejet yet again. Finally, a leak only gets worse and can only cause more damage. Nip it in the bud.

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