Fork Dust Seals, How do you remove them?

This is my first bike (06 125 SX) which I bought a couple of months back. I had the fork seals replaced right away as the old ones were leaking. After about a dozen rides I just noticed that there seems to be a slight amount of oil on the forks.

The manual says to remove the dust seals (dust-protection bellows) and clean inside to prevent problems with the seals. It says to use a screwdriver to pry out the dust seals but I tried this on both sides and they wont come out. They're solid in there, i'm afraid if I put any more force into it somethings going to break.

Any ideas?


PS. I was watching the how-to videos on Rocky Mountain about how to change the fork seals as I can't afford to keep paying to have it done. There are two types of forks listed, Dual Chamber & Cartridge Type.

Which do I have?

I may not be correct, but I'll put a screwdriver in between the seal and the fork leg and tap the driver with a hammer - just walk the seal down by hitting on all sides.

Whatever you do, don't club the seal:lol::smirk::lol:

It takes a little work to get them out. Using progressively thicker screwdriver blades helps. I would refrain from doing any pounding, you don't want to tear one and then have to take the fork apart to replace.

Money well spent, go buy one of the DVD video's off ebay. With one of those videos you will do anything you want to those forks.

A screw driver should get them out. If they are being a pain use a little more man power.


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