G force Ricthter rims

Are they worth getting? do they hold up? I race motocross and trail ride ,vet class.

I haven't had any experiance with them.. Since thats the case and I know they are chinnese made [reason they are cheap] the quality is most likly subpar. Probably worth spending the extra money and getting an excel rim.

I got a full front/rear set (wheel, spokes, hub and bearings) a couple of months ago. I ride a crf450r strictly on motocross tracks, my riding weight is a hefty 275lbs with gear and I ride fairly hard around the track, hitting all the largest jumps (60+ft). 6 ride days of about 1hr track time each and I haven't needed to tighten a spoke yet. So far, no problems. I like the matte black anodized finish, its been holding up well with no scratches. They do come with their own wheel spacers and hardware for mounting rotors and sprockets. The bolts they provided for the rear sprocket had flanges on them instead of standard bolt plus washers, but they actually didn't fit on the hub, the flange interfered with the hub, so I just ended up using the original bolts with no washers.

My buddy also has a set he uses on a crf250r. He hasn't had any problems either, although that doesn't say much considering hes about 100lbs lighter than me and doesn't ride as hard.

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