USD conversion: XR650L with WR 250 forks?

Is it possible to put 09 WR250 forks on an 09 XR650L? Has anyone put Yamaha forks on an XL? Are the upper and lower fork braces compatible? What I would like to do is upgrade my WR forks with YZ cartridge types and use the stock WR forks on my XL. I realize the springs and settings will need to change to handle the extra weight. Any help is greatly appreciated.

By braces I assume you mean the fork clamps, if so I doubt you would be able to use the wr forks in the stock xl clamps, I would suggest looking into a set of after market upper and lowers for the xl with the offset you like and the diameter to fit the wr forks. If you have no luck then maybe the wr clamps will work, however you may have to swap the stems if possible. Anything can made to be work its just how much you want to spend to get it there.

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