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ddt base question

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maybe somebody can answer this.

when using a ddt Dave clamps the base to a small 11mm washer,kind of a high speed blowoff.i,ve read a post where he said he did this due to the nature of his suspension fluid(non-newtonian).

now i run honda hp5 oil with my setup(ddt with a bleed shim and lift limit).would i be better to run with a more standard base clamp?

i thought maybe 17 face shims down to an 11mm clamp or

i could go 14 to 15 face shims down to an 14.25 then the 11mm clamp (basically clamping to 14mm).

i wonder which feels better?i thought maybe the 17 shim stack has more low speed and then a slight ability to blow off a little on really big hits.i want good small compliance(without a crossover)but still need it to hold up on big g outs.my weight is 280lbs geared up ,so i need quite a bit of reserve in my valving for those high load times.

in the past i,ve run my base clamp at 14x.25 with 3x32 1x26 13x32 rest of stack down to the 14x.25. i used this with or without daves oil and a standard ddt setup.never was too stifff for me.

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