Silencer Question?

Well I finally made up my mind and found a really nice 2004 YZ250 last weekend. I am mainly going to be using the bike to trail ride and chase my son around on his TTR125L. He is hoping to upgrade to a YZ125 this summer but I am not sure if I am going to let him.

My question is, my bike came with a PC Platinum 2 pipe and a R304 factory sound silencer. For riding in the woods up north I need a silencer with a spark arrester. I have heard nothing but good things on the FMF Q Stealth. Can a run that silencer with my PC pipe? Should I put the stock pipe back on? Or should I look at a PC nature friendly silencer? Thanks for your help.

The Q Stealth should fit on there with the PC Plat. If you have the OE pipe, and it's in good shape, you may want to give that a try too, since a lot of riders seem to prefer it.

BTW, Enjoy your new ride, and welcome to TT!

just put that muffler on my bike too, happy with the sound level, my factory one was getting loud, another good thing it does , gives you another place to grab ahold of to move the bike around too, it looks 8 feet long when compared to the stocker although.

I see that you are in minnesota, where do you ride?

Thanks guys. I think i will go back to the stock pipe with the Q stealth. The stock pipe I got with the bike looks like it has never seen dirt, not even a scratch. Spent all week cleaning it and stairing at it it the garage cant wait to get it dirty for the first time.

We have a cabin up north out side of Emily. My son like to ride the Spider Lake trails west of Pine River. We live north of the metro so I'm sure we will make a trip up to Nemadji this summer.

oic, i live in brooklyn park, and usually go to general cc andrews.

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