big end grenaded

out on my xr this morning,its a '87 250,when it starts making a terrible rattle,

so slow down to stop,before ive come to a halt its locked up,

when i get it home drain the oil and remove the clutch cover,lots of tiny pieces of metal,

take the head and barrel off,and then i can see the problem,big end bearing completely destroyed,

con rod rattles up and down on the crank,and im guessing pieces of bearing filling the gearbox,haven't split the cases yet,

now assuming nothing else is wrecked,i reckon the easiest fix is another crankshaft/conrod,ive seen one on ebay off a '92 model,seller says its good,anyone know for definate whether it will fit my '87, im guessing it will anyone confirm that,

thanks, a very unhappy nick

thanks,but think postage from england could be a bit expensive,

but i'll look into the rebuild option,with someone a bit more local

well turns out the used '92 crankshaft had a slight bend in the conrod,so would have been no good anyway,

after a bit of internet searching found a place nearby that will rebuild the crank for 30 english pounds + the cost of conrod kit £70 ,so £100 for new or £50 for one with 20 years of use,didn't take long to make that decision,will throw new main bearings in there as well whilst i got it apart,should be good for another 25 years then,:smirk:

made quite a mess inside the crankcases,emptied half a cup of swarf and filings out of it today,but thankfully everything else seems to have escaped undamaged

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