ap cam gear wear

I have the bog when cracking the throttle quickly. I have done lots of searches and reading, which resulted in me switching from a 70 leak to a 50 leak jet, and also did the flex fuel screw at the same time. This made the bike very hard to start, and the bog alot worse, so i took the carb apart and started looking at it.

One thing i have noticed is that the little cam behind the throttle drum, and where the ap rides seems to have grooved into the cam, is this the way they come, or is there a problem with mine?

is this a part that can be ordered?

bike specs

2007 450x

top and some sides of airbox cut

baffle out of factory pipe

twin air filter

ais blocked

165 main

45 pilot

50 leak(just changed from 70)

ncvs needle 3 down from top

here is the best pics of it i could get



Haven't had mine out so can't say for sure but from the second picture it does not look right, looks like a groove is worn into the cam.

I agree.

That looks like what happens if you 'saftey wired' the apump linkage (aka o-ring mod, but more radical). They bind when you do that.

You need a new cam.


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