Front brake has almost no resistance?

Hey front brake has almost no resistance when i pull it in, does this mean i need to bleed them or get knew pads?



Possibly to both questions.

oh okay

could be any number of things... air in the line is probably the biggest one if you don't do much service on it. Could be a leaky brake line, could be pads, could be rotor...

what do u mean by dont do much service on it? Is there anything you can do?



I don't think there is anything that SnowMule can do Kawizuki. He is in Colorado and you are in Georgia. Did you mean what can "I" do? I can't do much either I'm in Hawaii. Just saying. Get a manual and get to fixing your bike.

Have you,

Had the front wheel of recently?

Actually looked at your pads to see how much meat is left on them?

Done anything to your brakes recently ie topped up the brake fluid, had the bleeder valve open?

Is the brake line leaking?

As said above, could be any number of things, we need more info to answer your question.

Which is exactly why I gave the answer I did. Until he does a little work himself he won't know what the problem is.

you need to bleed it. to do that you simply make a small cut in the line near the bottom and let all that fluid stuff bleed out

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