crf450X got hot by ideling is this normal

I started by bike last night to let the battery charge a little, and my bike got hot. the coolant in the overflow resivor was boiling. Freeked me out shut it down.

These bikes are not made to sit and run when your not moving. With stock jetting they will make the header glow in short order.

Get a battery tender or such like for charging your battery.

Mine has done that before as well. Started the bike and was letting it warmed up when someone came into camp to report a club member was down a mine shaft. Long story short I forgot my bike was running for some time. When I went back to it the reservoir was overflowing.

With no fan there is no air moving over the radiator, how do you expect it to cool like that?

Like the other posters have stated. These bikes are not meant to idle for more than a minute or so; especially with the ultra lean factory jetting. A good Battery Tender should only set you back $30 to $50 bukaroos!!!


-You need to re jet (jd jet kit)

-You need a battery tender

-You need to understand that the battery does not charge until you are above 3800 rpm


I did the same thing, but I was trying to run the carb out of fuel for storage. Something I have always done on all my small engines, bikes, jet skis, outboards. How do I run it dry with out having to push it home?

Drain it with the drain on the bottom of the carb.

Drain it with the drain on the bottom of the carb.

+1, or take the big bolt out of the bottom of the carb

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