Ebay Sux OT Use Craigs list itstead buy from who you know.

Please let's figure out how to rise against the evil empire. It took me this long to get P.O. ed about the BS they pull.

Notice was rec'd from ebay that the will be charging final value fees on all shipping costs, yeah what the USPS or your shipped charges. Naturally they suggested if I give them 15.95 per month and become a power seller my costs would go down, What a load of crap. I am all for Capitalism but what part of value does e bay add by charging a % on what USPS or the shipper charges? All my listings will go Media mail and Parcel Post. I mean I am all for a fair return for services but it seems to be way over 10% for the crappy non existent customer service and general value they add to a product.

No Vaseline included like when they decided to force all sellers into accepting Paypal monies from buyer's under the ruse of protecting buyers and sellers. I am perfectly happy on my small items to take a 7-11 money order or a bank check, but they tar all such requests as nefarious plots that they must protect you against.

Not a lot of money but who the Heck do they think they are? They do not have the collective gonads to just raise their fees as they are trying to put one over on the general public.

Boy I'd like to see an effective boycott. As a Hobby seller I hope all of us out there use lists such as this to stop using those wankers. Or searchallcraigs.com etc.

Everyone who uses Epay should tell their buyers in the listing that Chicken S__t ebay is attempting a back door price raising attempt and all it just raises their buying price and worse yet make us sellers just raise prices accordingly

I mean go figure you go to an estate sale the prices are set at a professional sale at roughly 2/3rd of an ebay completed auction plus they add sales tax in California, then add in shipping and Voila you are ebay fees and you have made less than 10% for your hobby of buying and selling collectible crap.

I am very ready to put together a mock listing that I am sure they will yank with a open letter of disgust. Maybe if everyone does it now they are trying to look good with a free listing period.

I could go on and on but this really has nothing to do with our bikes in general except that our collectable little toys may get sold on Epay some day.

Plus it is a better reason than ever to use Thumper talk classified ads

Warren Goodman

That's why I stopped using eBay and started using Craigslist several years ago.

That, and the fact that alot of people on eBay sellers are just trying to get top dollar for their stuff, while Craigslist sellers are often just trying to clear out their garage.

Too many deals gone bad, and money spent on misrepresented junk on eBay. The opposite is true with the stuff I've bought through Craigslist.

yeah its very rare to find awesome deals on Ebay anymore, 99% of it is retailers trying to charge full MSRP on stuff, easier and cheaper alot of times to order from Rocky Mountain or Motorsport, etc

I have similar experiences with ebay. Here is a site I have no connection with, but was just recently started:


Nothing much listed, but we could change that!

looks interesting, i'll register. Ebid is another good alternative.

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The other thing that I find odd now, is that there is rarely any auctions anymore! It is all Buy it now and eBay stores. Like it was said earlier they all want top dollar for everything. The fee's are crap. I sell from time to time, and those buggers take there fee up front then a % after the auction, and now this with % on shipping! Greed plain and simple! :smirk:

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