Turn Signal Assembly Loose

Hi guys-

On my new 2009SM the turn signal/horn assemble didn't grip the handlebars properly. It would move if I jammed on the horn, for instance. Tightening the screws down didn't help. My first fix was a single layer of gorilla tape around the bar- which stopped it from moving; but created a secondary issue. Now it seems that the assembly won't close all the way- leaving a bit of open space at the top where the two halves meet. Anyone run into this/have any suggestions? I've currently taped over the 'seam' on top but this doesn't look great and I'm worried about water getting in there. I suppose a bead of caulk would do it- but thought you guys might have a better fix... :smirk:

I used a layer or two of black electrical tape. Just enough for it to catch. Electrical tape can be stretched really thin so it might be better than your other tape you used. Worth a shot?

The fault with the fat bars are there are no location holes for the switch gear.

I used a cloth tape, something I had over from a coolant hose repair kit. Worked better than electrical tape but that will work too, just needs more of it.

i'd say take your bars off and get em powder coated that should make it tight enough oe poss. good excuse to go protaper... ::smile::

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