whats this knocking sound

sounds like the cam chain is loose

could be cam chain,valves touching the piston (cam timing) or decompressor issue.

Is this the same knock you previously posted about? Did you chack your valves or have the upper end apart?

yes same noise. I havent had time to tear it down yet...I just wanted to post a link letting you guys hear the noise and see what you thought it might be...Im ging to tear in to it possibly tomorrow and this weekend....

It has hotcams stage 1 in it instead of 2's...whats the tolorences or those so i can check the gaps?

Yep, you're going to have the pop the valve cover and take a look inside.... can't really do anything until then.

Non mobile site version:

well yesterday (before my crash) i listened to my cousins ltz 400 and his top end is dead silent compared to mine . Its so loud that im really afraid to ride it on the road... i guess im just going to take it to a mechanic about an hour away who has a good reputation ....wish me luck!

well i took it to my mechanic and he said it was the rod and he has yet to get into it so i dunno know how much its going to cost me...i guess i should get used to it huh?

If you are going to pay somebody to work on it have you thought about taking the motor out yourself and sending it to Eddie?

Id rather let these guys work on it...no offense to eddie... but that way they get to fool with that dang fcr and getting it all back together... all i do is pay to get it then put it up for sale....

Haven't you got a Honda yet?

no thats why im going to try to sell it...im wanting another 600rr

If you don't mind please repost the video/audio- it appears to no longer be active. Now that it seems to be diagnosed I'd like to know what a rod going south sounds like. Thanks.

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