Which CDIs will work on a 2003 WR250F

I'm putting an '03 crank, flywheel and stator in an '02, and I need a CDI.

I know YZ250F CDI's won't work on a WR, and 2001 or 2002 WR CDIs won't work on later years either. The FAQ stickey sounds like all the later models will swap around, but I'm not sure. I'd be interested if anyone has swapped different year WR CDIs with success, and especially if one year was better than others.

If anyone has a CDI lying around that I could try and/or buy, I'd be interested.

Remember, YZ CDIs don't work, so I'm not interested in information about them.



I haven't found a crank yet either.


I wish I didn't sell you the stator cover. Last night I had the shifter hit the stator cover and crack it. Not sure what I hit, most have been a rock don't remember falling. Not too bad though, should be a JB weld fix.

For the record, a 2003 stator and cover will not fit a 2002 case. The bolt patterns are actually different on the stator cover. Art, too bad about the case. Maybe I'll try to unload the starter and stator only on ebay and send you back the case for a little cash back. Otherwise, you can usually get one on ebay pretty cheap.



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