2009 WR 450 (springs)

I'm looking to swap out my front fork springs, how difficult is this to tackle myself or should I pay some one to do it. Any help or instruction would be appreciated.

there are videos on youtube about this.

i don't have the links handy but you can do a search here. it's been posted several times

I just did mine. Scared to death I was going to screw something up.

RockyMountainATVMC have a fork seal rebuild video I found on Youtube which was helpful.

2 pieces of advice...

1.Loosen the fork caps before you pull the forks off.

2.Before you unscrew the dampener rod, tie it off with some wire or string or it will drop down into the tube and you will need to drain the oil to retrieve it unless you are changing the oil the oil as well. The previous owner had just re valved my front shocks and they had fresh oil.

All in all it was pretty simple.

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