things to do after top end rebuild


I am getting a new piston and rings, timing chain and the 3 intake valves replaced.

I am going to go with Mobil 1 and hopefully use it for the life of the piston.

I was wondering what needs to be done after breaking in the engine.

I am aware that the oil needs to be changed after break in, but I was wondering about the next few rides...

Will the oil need to be changed each ride for a while, along with the filter? Are there any other things to look out for?

Thanks as always

Break it in moderately hard for an hour, change the oil, and go back to normal.

Run the bike on the stand for 10 minutes or until there it heat at the radiator fill cap. Then go ride like normal.

so many people waste time "breaking in" new top end by babying the bike for hours. The only time you really need to spend a little extra time is if you've replaced a cylinder, crank, or bearings in the lower end.

I don't think I will be running it idle for 10 minutes.

Im with grey on this. after first ride change the oil. What year is your bike? What where the valves at before you replaced them?

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