KX shock question

A couple of years ago I bought an '04 KX 125 roller for my hybrid project. Everything was in good shape with little wear, so I assumed everything was original.

I'm getting ready to service my shock and now have a question. The piece with the schrader valve is different on my bike than all the other '04 KX 125 shocks I've seen on eBay. This is what mine looks like:


All the '04 shocks I've seen on eBay look like this:


I can't find any p/n on the shock to try to identify if this is the correct shock or not. Does that piece look factory or would that be an aftermarket item that was done during a rebuild? Are there any p/n's on a shock to identify what bike it was meant for?


it looks like a yz shock? do a google search on images and you will see

mog - I see what you mean. Is there any way to ID a shock? I thought I looked pretty closely, but I didn't any numbers that would match to a micro fiche.

I've got a 2005 KX 250 shock that I was going to practice rebuilding so I could minimize downtime. That shock is 5mm shorter than my 'kx' shock. At the time I just assumed the '05 250 used a slightly different set-up. But now I'm wondering if that 250 shock really should be the one on my bike.

dont really know of a way to id it, other than match it to a yz(they have not changed much from say 98-05 then 06 to 09)

Looks like someone put a larger volume rez cap on it. Possibly from a YZ shock like Mog said.


Looks like someone put a larger volume rez cap on it. Possibly from a YZ shock like Mog said.


That is what I'm thinking now. Of all the YZ shock pictures I found, the clevis is totally different on those shocks.

I did find an '04 KX 250 shock on eBay that said it was revalved by PC and it had the same style cap as what is on mine. I'll find out when I take it apart, but now I'm guessing that the shock has at least been serviced, possibly revalved.

Thanks for the help guys.

It looks like an aftermarket extended reservoir cap. Basically it increases the volume of the nitrogen reservoir/bladder, which in turns helps keeping it from fading over a long period of riding.

that is what my 04 kx 250 looked like.

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