Stupid question???

I replaced the rear wheel bearings in my '06. My stupid question is: what purpose does the spacer between the bearings serve? It's not load carrying and doesn't support the bearings so... what exactly is the point? And no, I did not leave it out by accident and don't want to pull my bearings to put it back in, I'm just curious.

Well you're assumption is incorrect on a couple points.

The spacer between the bearings is load carrying. It carries the torque load of the rear wheel axle nut.

Without the spacer you'd bust the centers right out of the rear wheel bearings when you torqued it down tight. If you didn't break the bearings, you'd load the hub and it would break. If the hub didn't break and the bearings didn't break, the bearings would over heat in about 5 minutes from side-loading and then break.

You'd also never get the rear wheel tight enough to stay straight in the swing arm. That would allow the rear wheel to kick over sideways..this usually happens on a 120 foot shot causing you do an impression of James Stewart doing one of his classic lawn dart to earth moves.

None of these things are good. :smirk:

Very good explanation Shawn

So the spacer spreads the load on the inner race, if that's what you call it, to each side and spins around the axle so that, if the tire was off, you spin one side the motion would be transferred to the other bearing and spin it? Thanks for the explanation!

Well, from one side to the other the load would look like this:

Nut, washer, axle block, swing arm, Disc brake bracket, spacer, inner Bearing race, inner spacer, inner bearing race, wheel spacer,swing arm, axle block and axle head!

All that shit get slammed together and torqued down tight to form the inner rotational center of the rear wheel.

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