crf250r, crf450, cr250.......?

hey i need help deciding which bike to get. i currently own a crf230 and have been riding it for under a year, it is to small and not fast enough. i was wondering what would be a good bike for me, i have been riding for 4 years and i am a averadge if not better thn regular riders. im 5 9' and 15 years old, my next bike gotta last me for a while i was thinking either a crf450 cr250 or crf250f......i ride trails and track and dunes, i need the best bike that will last for me. thanks

cr 500 you will never out grow that one. Crf250 is a good light bike nice transition from your current bike, cr250 faster than the four stroke but harder to handle and the 450 is probably too big for you to have fun on.

so do you think the cr250 is to big for me, i kinda wanted one but if its gonna be two big than crf250 will do

I'd go for the CRF250, e & kick start, great suspension, ton of power. My friend just bot a 2006 for ~$2600 & I love it.

o really 2600 aint to bad. but do you think that could keep up with a 250 2stroke

no doubt.

I own a crf250 and a cr250 the cr250 has a lot more power, the crf250 is easier to ride expecially on a track

i just encountered your same problem. 15 years old, and 5'10. I moved from a ttr-230 to a cr-250 for trails, desert, and track. I love it and how much power it has. I dont care what anyone out there tries to say about that a 250 fourstroke is more powerful because it is clearly not. Far from it. If you dont have a fully decked out 450 race bike than stock a 250 twostroke is just as powerful if not more than a 450. But all those expensive racing mods make a 450 better. Same with a 250f. Stock it is light years away from a 250 twostroke power wise. But if your looking to buy new then id say the power of a 2011 250f is a little closer to that of a 250 2t. Id say go with the 250 twostroke, its way cheaper, more fun, and better for that cross between trails and track. 250f's will feel way under powered out in the dunes and what not.

Hi I have a crf 250 2010, cr 250 06 and I have just sold my crf 450 09. I race b class and normally come about half way down the pack now as I am getting a bit older nearly 40. For me now I am quicker on my 250f now than any of my other bikes but only because of my fitness. If you are young fit and and quite a good rider the cr 250 will be a faster bike with a lot less cost on maintanence. The 450 can be a bit on an animal and I know people say you only go as fast as you pull back the throttle but this is buy people who have obviously not rode them because you can get caught out of shape sometimes on whoops and small tight turns and jumps in low gears and end up a passenger on a bike with its own mind. I have never rode the dunes and as far as I'm aware you need a bit more power so maybe the 2 stroke would be the bike but for the mx track I think the 250 f would be ideal. Once you have mastered the smaller bike for a few years give the 450 a try then you will be able & ready for the power.

Cheers & good luck

okay well now im stuc between the 250f and 250, for trails the 250f would prbily be better tho

Usually these questions are hard to answer. But you said "this has to last me a while". Right there i would say RUN from the 250f adn get the two stroke. That 250f valve train will not last. You'll be shimming valves after a 5 hour day of trail riding.

yeah for durability the 2 stroke wins, and if by trail riding you mean out having a good time with buddies, I would get the two stroke, unless the trails are tight and slow all day

The CR is probably not the best at any one type of riding but it does them all very well. I do mx, trails, and dunes with my CR. For trails I put on a 12T front sprocket, spark arrestor, and fully soften the suspension (valved for mx). It works fairly well but not nearly as good as a true trail bike.

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