Want to try MX!

Hi all! I have some ?'s. I have been riding dirtbikes of and on for the last 18years or so and i want to try motocross! I am 33yo now and in fairly decent shape. I ride a 2010 yz450. I am now obsessed with riding more than i have ever been in my life. I have pretty much always been a trail rider, this year i started hitting some pretty good jumps and can't get enough of it,lol. I had planned on racing some harescrambles, but now i am leaning more into MX.

So, should i go to an MX track and practice a few times before going to a race? Is there plenty of time to practice on raceday or the day before? What class should i run in Vet C, Open C/D? Also, do you guys head to the track to practice by yourself?

I am not really too concerned with going out and winning at this point, just want to go out and have some fun, and maybe be a little competitive in the beginning? Thanks!

YES... get some practice track days first. Trail riding experience is different. Riding a track with 10 or more guys going into the first turn can be a little intimidating or 4-5 guys going into a turn... meaning close quarters kind of stuff. Plus the jumps are a lot different on a track... by all means, go for it and have fun.

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I agree with DEMI 150%. Go get some seat time on the track. Race day will not give you enough time to practice. I would watch the race classes first before I raced in one. Some tracks will have sandbaggers who whip over every jump..... in the Novice C class.

My local track has only 30+ Novice open so I raced in that for my first ever. The 45+ open class is much faster. I finished the race without getting lapped so it was a success. I would consider my self a stable "mature" Novice "C" rider, but no way can compete with Novice A/B riders who are 17 years younger, or am/experts who are older for that matter!

Check out the competition first and then have a Blast!

At local races the pre-race practice is typically only 10 min. long which is not enough to learn a new track. If you haven't ridden on that track I would try to come there a week or two before the race and wire it in my head. When the gate drops and you don't remember how to hit the next blind jump it can mean real trouble.

Also, if you haven't ridden an open track practice you will find it an eye opener with all the guys around you in close contact and in full battle mode. Try it first, the races are even more intense and you should be somewhat comfortable with it. The more homework you can do beforehand the easier your race will go.

Thanks for the replys! I'm gonna try to get a couple practice days in somewhere before i go race. I am only off work sundays/mondays so it kinda sucks with practicing every track before racing it, not every track around here has open practices on sundays or mondays, but i can see myself skipping a day or two of work here and there,lol.

My first race was 2 weeks ago and I am 39. Like you, I am obsessed with riding, I eat, sleep and drink motocross.

I try and ride as often as possible and at as many tracks as I can get to. Many times during the week my son and I just ride around our little 3 acres and practice the 1 berm and 1 ski jump we have, but it's seat time and we can practice what we need to. I ride the local tracks by myself quite a bit when my son can not or will not go.

Race day was the first time I had seen or rode the new night track. They gave us 1 five lap practice and 1 3 lap practice before race time. The basic techniques all remain the same despite the track you are on.

For me, once the gates dropped all the anxiety and nervousness I had disappeared. It was all about how to get around the guy in front of me and keeping the guy behind me behind me.

I really bummed out right now because my top end is up with Eric Gorr and the 2nd race of the season is tomorrow. I'll have to just watch my son. Poor planning on my part.

Anywho, get out there race and have fun. At our age we certainly won't be making this a career so enjoy it as much as you can.

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!! The last thing you want to do is go out and jump full out into a race. Motocross is one of those sports where its nearly impossible (unless your a freak like james stewart! haha) to go out and be good the first time on a track. It takes practice and dedication! I'm glad to see though that you've found a passion for it!

I like to go to the track at least once or twice a week and focus solely on technique and don't worry about flying around the track. It'll make you a better rider i promise. Motocross is a ton different from trail riding so start slow and build confidence.

I also practice at the tracks alone, and as long as you're not doing anything crazy, you'll be fine. Even if you do have a big crash and are alone, there are plenty of people at the track who will help you out!

But like i said before, practice and take it slow and it'll be the best time of your life! RIDE ON!

This season is my first season riding moto full time and the first time I'd ever been to a track. I thought I had a pretty good handle on the bike and felt comfortable with the bike on the trail so figured I'd make out alrite on the track as well. I spent the better part of my first day on my ass or crawling along compared to almost everyone else out there. Now, in about a months worth of weekend riding I can go to the track and be one of the fastest guys on the intermediate tracks and am clearing all of the jumps.

Point being, you can be a great rider and learn fast but that first time at a track is going to be so much different than anything you've ever done before that you will be like a baby trying to learn how to walk.

Practice for a couple weekends, then enter a race.

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