Cam holder thread stripped

Okay, so I know that I'm a dumbazz for tightening the bolt down too much after replacing the shims. The stripped hole in question is the one closest to the front/right (decomp) exhaust valve that uses a locating dowell. Here's my dilemma and question:

There are threads still visible in the hole, just deeper than the stock bolt can reach with the holder in place. Knowing that the bolts don't need to have massive amounts of torque on them, would I be safe to TEMPORARILY use a slightly longer bolt that will reach the good threads? I'd like to use the bike this weekend for a quick hillclimbing event. I will be installing a helicoil or timesert into the hole, but I won't have time for it before loading up tomorrow. The bike does run as-is, but I don't want to stress the holder knowing that one of the bolts is only finger-tight. Thoughts?

If you can engage the threads to a depth of at least the diameter of the bolt you should be good.


Well, that's what logic has been telling me. Without the holder in place, I can thread the original bolt into the hole several turns. I haven't actually measured it yet, but that is my next step. If the bolt will thread into the hole 1/4in, which is more than 10mm, I should be fine. Its just that I'm not sure what the total depth of that hole is and if I'm risking punching through anything. The advice is much appreciated.

I thought that I had searched this thoroughly enough last night, but apparently not. I repeated my search just a few minutes ago and found that others had the same issues with the same holes and a longer bolt successfully held in place. I think I'll go looking for a replacement in the morning.

it isn't a big deal, i just went through the same thing on my cam tower (actually the rear valve cover bolt hole but similar deal im sure?) .. have someone put a heli coil in the hold. Good to go.

Actually talking with my mech. and he helicoiled a cam tower bolt hole too.. the thing has been of many many times..

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couldn't find a metric helicoil in my local hardware store, so I'll have to order one. The original measures out to 6mm x 72mm with a 1.00 thread pitch. I found both a 75mm and 80mm. With a washer, the 80 was too long and not threaded deep enough along the shank, so I couldn't cut it down. I tried the 75mm and its holding great. Looks like I'll be able to compete in the hillclimb tomorrow. Awesome!!

Any auto parts store should have helicoil kits.

I purchased mine at napa auto parts

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