1996 Yamaha Banshee HELP!


I have a 1996 Yamaha Banshee. Everyone says they are speed demons and have a ton of hp.. With mine, that's not the case... It has dual fmf powercore 2 mufflers and dual fmf fatty gold series headers, and a k&n air filter. It hits about 75mph and from what I hear online, 75mph is horrible.. I also have a hard time doing wheelies and i'm pretty built.. It's not peppy enough at all and when i race, i'm always way behind because it has horrible acceleration at the start.. I need help with mods. What are some mods I can do to my banshee that will make a big improvement that doesn't cost too much. I'm not interested in boreing it out, that takes the reliability out of the motor. I want it to go at least 85ish and have much more hp.. Also, how much hp gain do pipes get when they are jetted?

First off, get off the subject of HP's. And on the right track of setting up your bike for what you want, and it sounds like you want Drag and top-end, correct me if i am wrong. So with out Internal Mods, we need to work on the fundamentals. First "sprockets', one of the biggest speed changers! Think like a bicycle: big front..small back>total top end...so on so forth.... change both to get your total happiness. Tires are huge too, less paddle means less motor work but more slip, more paddles mean motor drags but ultimately more trac. NOTE: every bike launches different. BANSHEE'S have to be launched in 2nd, pinned!, head over the bars.....A cheap booster bottle will help equalize out carbs so both cylinders are equal, wont smoke one out. Pipes are a great start to power gains...DONT BE SCARED TO CHANGE PISTONS AND A LITTLE BORE JOB!!!! As long as you dont go crazy you can run a 400cc ban with no worries in the world! Power hungry and love life. Always check your jug base nut and dome nuts with a torque wrench. Bike will run forever. BANSHEE'S ARE A HIGH rev bike so for launch you need RPM'S all the way threw traction hook up. Just listen to the bike, it will tell you when it is time to let out. FYI 75 is plenty strong for any bike, any faster you need internal work. With out Blowing a gasket or ceasing a piston, i have done both!

exhaust, filter head milled some porting and a stroker crank

I haven't been into 2-strokes in a couple decades, but isn't the Fatty tuned for low end (???).

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