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FCR-MX Needle?

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First I'll start off with a little back ground.

I got a great deal on a complete 06 CRF250R 40mm carb to do a FCR conversion on my 01 XR650L (stock except a White Brothers E2 muffler) I found several threads on TT on jetting that were very helpful.

I've got it all sorted out except the needle. Everyone is saying to use the NCYR needle (stock for 04 CRF450R), My carb has the NHFS needle.

My question is do I buy the NCYR needle, If yes do I also need to buy a new needle jet?

Or do I just get a richer needle for the 250 carb.

Bellow is the needles Honda lists for the 06 250.

1- 16203-KRN-851 (stock NHFS)

2- 16204-KRN-851

3- 16205-KRN-851

4- 16230-KRN-851

5- 16231-KRN-851

6- 16232-KRN-851

7- 16233-KRN-851

8- 16234-KRN-851

Thanks for any help. I'm finding this very confusing:confused:

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