Can I join the PIG PEN?

Just sold my Yamaha wr250 :D and tonight Im picking up my new xr650r it is a 01 in perfect condition the owner has put maybee 160 miles on it.He bought it new two years ago. Im getting it for $3600.00. Just ordered all of the control goodies. Handlebars, grips, bark busters and a trail tec. I grew up on Xrs my first one was a bran new 1980 xr80 and I have had 200's 250's 350's and a 500 and my family has had about 15 other ones other than mine and we have NEVER been left sulking in the dirt at camp while our buddies ride. The last for bikes I have had have been 2 KTM's "KEEP THREE MECHANICS" and 2 Yamahas. Every one has left me in the middle of the desert for at least three hours or have been completly busted for several months one KTM and my 01 yzf426, Im so happy to be riding red again. Im a TT addict so I will be hopefully talking to you and getting advice and sharing stories. Usually you dont want to spend Friday night with a 300lb pig "I used to tease my buddies when they did that :D alway happened with a lot of beer :D but tonight Im going to jump into that catagory, I will be working on that sexy pig til the weee hours of the night. :)

Welcome to the pig pen :)

I'm sure you already know these things as you're an experienced biker, but here's a very basic list of some things to consider for your new bike that came to my mind.

1) tighten the spokes

2) change oil

3) clean the downspout screen

4) tighten all bolts, especially the footpeg bolts

5) service the air filter (make sure that front clip works well)

6) adjust the valves

7) change the fork oil

8) grease the suspension linkages

9) grease the steering head bearings

10) grease the swing arm bearings (see the pig pen for how to make a tool for doing this since the bearings are preloaded)

11) inspect the sprockets for wear

12) inspect the chain

13) inspect the chain guide and swingarm guard

14) change the coolant

15) update the clutch bushing to the newer style (inexpensive & easy to do)

16) udpate the new coutershaft seal (inexpensive & easy to do)

17) if you're going to ride much at night, then rewind the stator for 'more power'...argh.argh.argh

The Pig Pen has all this info and more including a downloadable workshop manual, so check it out if you have some extra rooting time


I have been very pleased with my 01 XR650R and have made a few unusual mods you might like to look at:

The rest of my mods are the usual XR650R maintenance items that Eric Foster has covered very well on his "Pig Pen" website and heavier springs for my big butt. :)

I will add some more pictures soon to show the excellent results that I got with the Krylon Fusion spray paint. I removed the OEM graphics on the radiator shrouds and painted them white. The BRP is looking really sharp.

So whats the problem :):D Animals need love too :D


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