Bent rear caliper guide pin

Noticed my pads were wearing unevenly/at an angle. I took the real caliper off and separated it from the caliper bracket to find out one of the pins in bent. I figured oh well this is an easy fix. I searched and the schematic doesn't list the pins separately. From what it looks like, you have to buy the caliper mounting bracket to get the rear pin, and you have to buy the caliper to get the front pin. This is BS!! Can this really be true? Has anyone ever had this problem?

P.S. I am not talking about the pin that hold the brake pads in. I am referring to the pins with rubber boots that the caliper slides left to right on. I've talked to 3 KTM dealers on the phone and none of them new what I was talking about. They wanted to order me the brake pad pin.

I just bought a late model rear caliper used and it doesn't fit our 1998. PM if you are interested, probably the cheapest way to go.

Just went through the same thing. I searched high and low and that individual part doesn't seem to be available, I even checked with other bike brands that use the same assembly. I ended up buying an entire assembly from Ebay, I figured I would just have all of the extra parts from that assembly if something happened.

I've actually run into that with several parts - they are either buried inside of other assemblies or some kind of repair kit. I am sure the individual parts exists, it just might be tough getting the number.

I just bought a late model rear caliper used and it doesn't fit our 1998. PM if you are interested, probably the cheapest way to go.

I got to loking on ebay and found a 1994 125exc caliper and bracket for $29 shipped. It looks like crap but all I need is a pin out of it. I don't want to be in it too much for just a pin.

Here's the deal. I don't even have a KTM. I have a 2005 Husaberg, but since they use the same caliper I posted here since nobody ever chimes in to the Berg forums.

The bracket and caliper from the 1994 look identical to my Berg. Looks like they were made from the same mold so I figure the pin has to be the same. That year KTM the caliper is on the left side as is my Berg.

You said the late model caliper wouldn't work on your '98. Are you trying to use the whole assembly? Caliper and bracket? Maybe separate the caliper from the late model and use your '98 bracket if u haven't already tried. I had a buddy of mine look up brake pads part numbers and every KTM from 1990 to 2007 uses the same pad from 125cc-620cc. Even husaberg, Husky, VOR, and Vertemati use the same pads. so they must all use basically the same caliper. I'm not absolutely positive but it seems that the only difference is whether its on the left or right side, location on the swingarm, and spacing. I think they just use different brackets.

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