2010 RMX450 shifter

Just wondering if anyone knows of a longer than stock shifter available for the RMX450, size 15 boots don`t work so well with the stock shifter.

a hammerhead shifter should do the job

Hammerhead doesn't make shifters or brake levers for late model Zuk's!! I called him personally after I bought my 08 RMZ450 and offered to bring him my bike since I'm only 30 minutes from his shop. He said he had no plans to make parts for the late model Zuk's because of the low volume of sales... So needless to say he will never get my business as I and about 20 or so of my friends have all switched to Zuk's and love them.. I own both an RMX and a RMZ... HIS LOSS!!!!!!!!!

Ive been emailing him for months,originally he said he would have one in a month or two.Then they stopped returning my emails,then i got the brush off.... not impressed.

And that's why he will not get my business!!! He's got people wanting his product and he blows them off!!!! True busines man, or wait maybe he's a Government official!!!!! lol

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