bike seems a little slow

do any of you guys think your bikes seem a little slow at top speed? my 02 cr 125 seems like its not really going that fast but the motor is screaming. i think it might be from my chain and sprockets after i put a new ones on. (new one is a PT 520 gold) so it might be a little slower because of a heavier chain? i dont know i just noticed it recently, but my motor is fresh and healthy.

Yeah, my bike is struggling with this 21st century air. It just doesn't seem to mix well with the gas. It doesn't allow me to move as fast through it either. I think this effects my jumping ability too. Prior to year 2K, I was much faster and able to jump much higher...something must have happened :smirk:

lol Dude...a heavy chain is not gonna make your bike go slower. Going up or down teeth on your sprockets can change your bikes top end however.

I agree with Slackkinhard, this 21st century air is killing my top speed. Haha

slipping clutch

put more air in the tires.

+1 on the clutch slipping

Check your sprocket sizes man.

Or rather, did you change your sprockets sizes when you put the new ones on???

cr 125 are the slowest 125 there is and its only a cr 125 ..... enough said :smirk:

Whats your rear and front sprocket sizes? My 2003 is stock and its 52 and i cant remember what the front is. I first thought it was slow too until i redid the top end. Cant believe the difference it made.

cr 125 are the slowest 125 there is and its only a cr 125 ..... enough said :smirk:

There all the same thing, just because you have a kx doesnt mean cr's are the slowest :smirk: I could go on a kx forum and say kx's are the slowest there is because i have a cr

You're lucky your flux capicator is broken.

^^^ I think you might find you have a broken continueum transfunctioner actually!!!

Replace the powerband.

Usually, a new rider will fix that problem right up.

Replace the powerband.


i have 14/52 renthal sprockets that i was running the same as before except with a d.i.d chain. like i said i got the bike december of 2010 and still has stock piston rings and all of that and they are in very good shape. i will probably take a look at the clutch disks and everything next weekend and adjust some stuff to see if it helps.

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