Kiling the engine with the clutch, motor locks up????

I have a 2006 crf450 that i just rebuilt the whole motor on. the bike runs great shifts through all the gears and feels like a new bike.....

BUT when i go to stop the bike sometimes i just dump the clutch once stopped to kill the motor, my issue is when i do this the kick start locks up like the motor is done. i then put the bike into gear and roll it back and forth a couple times and all the sudden the kick start will kick again. the bike has never done it while running but will do it if i accidentally stall it as well. the bike does not do it if i use the kill switch.

I dono were to even start with what could be causing this.... any ideas?

Well, you are putting a load on the primary gear which is probably snapping back somehow and causing your problem.


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i would not intentionally stall out the bike if it were mine. sounds like there maybe an issue with crank binding or primary gear binding under the load.

Here is the deal! There is always a way for a shock load to be dispersed when the bike is used as designed. When you LOCK UP the brake to stall the bike you have taken all of that out of the equation! There is NO WHERE for the shock loads to be dispersed other then the basket cushions if you have any in the clutch. Stalling intentionally causes issues that can manifest themselves in many ways. I know it happens in riding/panic situations as well but generally someone is pulling in the clutch and it allows some absorption of the shock loads at that time.


Here's whats happening;

When you dump the clutch the kicker flings back a tad engaging the ratch just enough to hang up. Luckily the engine isnt able to keep spinning and dies.

When you re-built the engine you assembled something incorrectly with the kicker. You may have missed the kicker spindle and ratchet alignment by one tooth preventing the return spring from seating the ratchet completely away from the kicker pinion gear.

This needs some attention. Should the engine kick back it can hook up the ratchet and spin the spindle backwards and blow the kicker return stop clear out of the case.

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How about trying that little black button near the clutch lever? I think it's called a "kill switch" It's there for a reason.

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