Anyone mucked around with the different Fuels maps for a 2011 yet?

Just wondering if anyone out there has tested or played around with the fuel maps, and what was the major differences they found and when.

I been riding mine long enough now with the standard one so have a good idea now how it goes in different conditions, especially sand. So ive put the rich map in ( the grey one ) in for a sandy MX track this weekend. Hoping it will give it a little more peep on the wide open stuff. will post again once ive tried it.

Keen to hear from someone how the lean one compares to the standard.

that will richin it and depending on conditions make it sluggish.


If you do sand you'll need the rich map plug (as OEM manual suggests) .

If you put on an aftermarket full system, you'll need the rich map map at sea level for sure.

Dyno run with the (grey) rich map plug, it is richer 8000-12000 RPM

then leans off after 13000 RPM (even with a Yoshimura RS4 Slip-On muffler).

Getting a Suzuki MX tuner to reprogram the ECU it a good move. You can easily modify the bikes fuel/ignition power characteristic to get the most out of bike in it's current configuration from any basemap plug to your own personal taste.

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