man am I frustrated!!!

I have posted before with the same problem. Long story short - When I turn on the fuel gas pours out the drain tubes. Had carb professionally cleaned at a bike shop 4 months ago and rode it once after I got it back and it was fine. Went to start it up yesterday and fuel is pouring out the bottom again!! I took the float bowl off and noticed the floats hang down at an angle. If I turn on the fuel with bowl off gas comes out at the needle valve. If I push the floats up level with the carb the fuel shuts off. How should the floats be positioned normally? Angled or level? If they are supposed to be at an angle why is gas coming out by the needle valve? I sprayed the carb very well with Gumout carb cleaner. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. I don't want to have to drop another $400 to get the carb cleaned again:foul::smirk:.

There was debris in the float needle valve from the bike sitting for four months with unstabilized fuel in it. Chances are a slight rap with the handle of a screw driver would of dislodged it and everything would of been fine. Put the float bowl back, I bet ht e leak has stopped.

I had a fuel stabilizer in the gas which I bought at the shop when I got the carb cleaned. I tried giving the carb a few good taps but that didn't seem to help so that is why I ended up taking the float bowl off. So it seems I am back to square one with this problem still.

Put the bowl back on and test it.

The float is just like the one in a toilet tank. Down when no water is in, shuts it off when full. Be gentle with the floats, they are easy to damage and mess up.

I understand what you are saying now. For me to see if it will stop leaking the bowl needs to fill with gas so the floats rise to the correct position. I was trying to test this with the bowl off, or with the bowl in place but no float bowl drain plug. I will put it back together and see if it works. If gas still leaks out do I need to adjust the level of my floats?

Maybe. It can be either the floats are set to low, the float needle is worn out, the float needle seat is worn out or a seal is bad.

The carb must be removed fro the bike to properly set the floats (in the proper method as prescribed by the service manual) or service the needle valve.

As a rule of thumb set the floats so the center seams in them are parallel with the base of the carb body (where it mates to the bowl). If you've never done this you have to hold the carb in your hand sideways, then start tipping it until the weight of the floats just touch the little spring-loaded plunger in the valve needle and seat the needle, but not enough to depress the plunger. Measure float adjustment right there.

I'd take the floats out and make sure they are not leaking. Submerge them in water and see if one leaks. I'd also check the viton tip of the needle and make sure it is in good shape and not hardened. If it is or has a wear ridge on it toss it. Also check the needle seat to make sure it is in good shape. Any doubts put some semi-chrome on a 1/2 q-tip and stick it in your drill to polish it up. Takes just a few seconds.

Good luck.

Occasionally the float gets bent out a little, and hangs up on the side of the float bowl.

It has to be something very simple.

the o-ring on the part the needle seat sits in is bad letting fuel leak by evan when the float is up.

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