09 engine/tranny oil question

I was putting a skid plate on my bike today while doing this i had the bike upside down about 3 minutes into the job I notice oil coming out of the breather box I was just wondering should I be worried about the engine oil and tranny oil mixing or should I be alright adding a lil engine oil thanks

Pull the air filter and clean out the oil. You can add what you need to get it back to where it belongs. The oil came out the breather tube that comes off the valve cover. Drain all the oil out of the overflow tube by pulling the plug out of the plastic hose down by the chain. You should know which one I'm talking about. The oil won't cross from one side to the other in the engine. Turning it upside down is really not a great thing to do, it's not a bicycle. You wouldn't do it to a car to change the exhaust system.

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