How loud is a stock YZ muffler?

Is it quieter than an unplugged WR pipe?

The YZ pipe is quieter during idle and low rpms use. Mid range is about the same. When you open them up, it's about the same too, but the YZ pipe sounds less raspier.

However with YZ timing, the pipe characteristics of the YZ design will add performance-not a lot, but with the weight savings, cheap price, and no-brainer fitment, you can't loose.

I'm working on a customer sounds damper for this pipe :)

I take one comment back. The YZ pipe (and YZ timing with correct jetting) lets the bike rev out further, and that combination IS louder than the WR pipe w/ baffle removed. The good news is the extra oomph will keep your revs lower overall, so in rel life it's about the same, but with a less raspier sound.

My judgement of the sound was both riding both setups, and hearing both setups as a spectator run an MX track with virtually no other riders arounds. The YZ setup was mellower sounding on the low, and you didn't have to rev the YZ setup as far to get the same power-thus less noise.

I sound metered both setups and they basicly measure the same, at various rpms. I would agree with mcarps comments about tonal quality but they're both basicly super loud. Wr pipe is way heavier too, if you can go loud use the YZ pipe just for the weight savings.

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