2000 WR400 Stock Gearing OK for wide open desert ride?

Hey Guys,

I just picked up a totally stock 2000 WR400. Bike has been rode once a year since new. Paid 1250 and am super happy. Only mods I know of are unrestricting the exhaust. Bike pulls hard throughout the range!

I have a couple of questions:

I am going on a desert ride in Gerlack Nevada in the Black Rock Desert.

Will the stock gearing be fine for 35 miles of dry lake bed 60-70 mph?

Will the jetting work for 4000+ Altitude?

I am currently at sea level.

Any tips, trick or must do's, That I need to know of?

I appreciate the help


Any gearing gurus out there?

If it runs good at sea level then you'll need to jet it for 4K feet. The sticky at the top of this subforum actually worked really well for my bike.

As for the gearing so long as you're not bouncing off the limiter it should be fine. Can't say if your bike will make 70 though.

Will the bike run decent for this one ride? I thought these bike will 80 stock?

Cant seem to get any help on here these days.

It'll be rich, I doubt it'll cause any huge issues though. Far better than lean.

My 04 model 450 will pull 80 at around 8K with a rev limit of 10.5K but unfortunately I'm not familiar with the 400s.

Steve, Do yourself a favor and purchase a JD jet kit and use there recommendations. Your bike will run stronger than you think possible! As for the stock gearing, you can run it. Just try to keep from screaming the engine for long periods of time. The valves (among other things) don't like this!!! Maniac

It's not a stupid question, but I guess asking "for a wide open desert ride on stock gearing" is sort of an odd question because there are about a 1000 variables. Run it where it's comfortable and you are too; if your buddies go faster, well, catch up at stops.

Bike will run 60-65 stock fairly happily. Faster? Change the gearing. This info is all over in this forum. Search is your friend.


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No expert, but I have a WR400 (1999) that I run in the dez all the time. I think the stock gearing is too low for open desert riding. I would stay with the stock front sprocket and go with maybe around 47t rear. That should keep it useful at slower speeds and help with the top end stuff.


Thanks for all the info! I appreciate it.

The top speed maxed out with stock gearing is right at 80mph give or take 2mph. As metioned earlier you would not want to run at that rpm for long distances.

I rode with 2 guys all over Northern Nevada including the Black Rock desert. They were on a DRZ 400's with stock gearing and did fine.

You may not want to ride there at 80mph, especially this year. It can trick you, looking perfectly dry when it is merely a thin crust on top and mud underneath. Might be wise to stay at the rear and watch what happens:ride:

I would jet kit it just for general principles if you ride in some of the surrounding areas. The desert is the low spot out there.

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