Rejetting Help?!?!

I have a 3x3 hole over airbox r exhaust and a r cam. My jetting is 45 pilot and 145 main. I forgot my leak size. It's now bogging real bad so I figured the ap wire must have broke. What should I change my jet sizes to. I think the needle was 3rd from the top maybe? I'll check it when I have time to pull it out. What should I do to get more out of it?? I'm sea level and 50-90 degrees

I seem to remember the main jet needing to be closer to 160 around sea level with an R cam, but that won't fix the bog.

It's bogging when you ride it, or running on the stand? The oring mod and accel pump adjustment will do a lot to make the bog go away, along with a smaller number leak jet.

I'll see about the 160 main I just need to redo the ap mod so mightaswell rejet it

Changing a main jet is a 5 minute job if you get interrupted 3 times. I pinched off the leak jets, and they ran fantastic.

K I found some of my notes. I have a 145 main 55 leak and 45 pilot I want 165 main 42 pilot ap mod

It's all apart here are the final resaults 45 pilot 145 main 55 leak needle is 3rd from top.

It bogs bad because my previous wire snapped. So I'm redoing ap mod. Back down to 42 pilot. Up to 165 main. Sound good???

IMO 165# is gonna be fat even at sea level. I would start at 160#. If stock pilot is 42# I would go to 45#.

K I'm buying a 160 main tomorrow afternoon 45 pilot will stay.

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