Just bought (almost stole) an 01 xr 200 r

I am really stoked about the bike I picked up last night off craigslist. This one is hardly used at all. About the only issues is no air filter element (he cleaned it with a strong solvent) , bubbled tank decals, slightly bent shifter, and clutch handle. (already straightened out) Only some very minor scratches. Original tires about 95% front, and 80%. rear ( I think a steal for $850) Just finishing lube, oil change, fresh gas, etc. The cleaned uni filter I took out of my 93 (my son ran it too low on oil) should be dry by morning. Switching over the headlight should be straightforward. Can't wait to power scout the local whitetail population prior to bow season. I am considering some of the suggested retrofitted suspension upgrades and uncorking it some

to really make it a joy in the woods. It will compliment my forthcoming 05 drz 400 e well. It is great to have you people on tt to shorten my learning curve. May want to sell my newly acquired 97 ktm 250 exc. ( not really into 2 strokes) Thanks, Dave:banana:

I bought a 2002 XR200 exactly in the same condition you describe for $1200 last year. Yep, you did good.

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