Bike Names?

Who's got a name for their bike? Any story behind the name?

Personally my 07 TTR 125 is called "Lil' Chancho" Don't really know how it came to be. I just started calling him that when i was he was on the verge lugging up the hill. I'd stand there yelling "Come on Lil' Chancho! You can do it!"

My dad's 87 XR600R is "Goober" With the original seat cover, it was 600R and when i was a little kid i thought it was G00R, dad thought that didn't ring quite right, so he's G00BR now. I think that name's going to stick till the day he dies in my fathers arms.

We've thought about having him in the Christmas Card a couple times. It'll be a sad day when he goes. But it doesn't seem that's any time soon.

My daughter calls mine Blueberry sometimes. When we got it home unloaded it off the truck she said she was gonna name it blueberry because it was blue and pretty.

my 5 year old son calls my 250x "big guy"cause its the biggest,tallest bike in the family,i now find my self coaxing the bike on tuff trails calling him big guy lol

I have pet names for my bikes sometimes as well. When they're running smooth and all is well I usually call them "baby". When they have problems and they are giving me trouble I most of the time call them a piece of @#$% $%@@ no good for nothing &^%ing two wheeled pile of %$%#..! Other than that I have no names for my bikes.

No, but my friend named my "spare for my buddies to ride bike", a 1994 YZ-250, SPUTNIK.

When I had my XR600, we called it "Little Tough"

My friend had a red 93 F250 that was a smoking piece of rolling shit. It had "Built Ford Tough" hand pin-striped on the tailgate, so we called it "Old Tough." My 600 was the two-wheeled equivalent to that truck, down to the quart of oil jammed in the headlight shroud, and after he sold the truck, the name was transferred.

We have several (ie, too many!) bikes, but don't really name them. However, the number on the little Honda XR100 is #728-1/2. My husband's CR250s are all #728 and the 100 is roughly "half" of that, hence the #728-1/2. Although maybe we really should have numbered it 364......but no one would get the joke, LOL!

I do call our old diesel 3/4 ton Silverado "Mama Chevy" because it's the 2nd largest of our 3 trucks. The 3/4 ton Ford F250 diesel Super-Duty is "Big Woody"........because it's big (duh) and (wait for it.....) a 2 x 4. LOL!!!!

My wife calls my bike "your stupid expensive toy" or "your stupid bike". Does that count?

I sometimes refer to it as the ol dinosaur though since 500s are big, mean, and extinct.

My first bike was a DRZ125L-her name is Dally. Upgraded to TTR230-her name Dilly.

heehee Dilly, dally.

Now ride a YZ125 - her name is *itch. We have trouble getting along, sometimes.

Hubby's YZ250 is called "The Beast" or "yellow zonker" (hurricane kit on this one)

i call her tiffany, and shes the better than any gf ive ever had:ride:

The dirtbike.

i call mine KTM 200. isnt that creative

my wife calls my bike my 'girlfriend'.

i guess it makes sense...high maintenance and expensive, and very fun to ride :smirk:

I can't believe anyone responded to this crap.

Slow POS

Jenny. I got it from forest gump. has nothing to do with the bike at all...

Mine is called alexis, recently I got her a new set of vans, and a red shirt, i think she looks ssseeexxxyyy

But what does it call you.....?

My old '96 Triumph 500 twin was named Veronica, becasue thats the worst name for a bike I could think of when she seized up. (apparently you have to force oil up into the motor after a rebuild, it won't pull it from the tank on its own)

My '79 Baker framed XR250 flattracker is named "Li'l Pig"

Haha my wife tells me as i'm heading to the garage i see you are going to spend some quality time with your other wives!

I just smile and ask her to watch all those silly tv shows she has recorded that i wish not to view.

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