Looking for a advice

Well i would like to start off by saying hello everyone. I am looking to buy a used dirt bike. I am going to be using it for trails some but i am looking to get into racing. I am 18, 5'6" and weigh 160. I know im pretty short. When i was 12 i had a rm65, then when i was 14 i got a kx85. I sold the kx85 two years ago and haven't had a bike since. I never raced either of them, i just rode them on trails and out in the wide open fields i have near my house. So as i said im am going to be looking into going to a few of the tracks close to me and i would like try to start racing, i know it will take a lot of practice before i will be able to be competitive. So with that said im looking for a race bike. Here is where my questions start, i have never rode a 4 stroke before and i have heard good things about them but since im looking for a used bike im sorta scared buying one because of the horror stories ive heard about the cost to fix the engines (upword of $3000). I like the feel of a 2 stoke, and the fact that to rebuild the upper half is only about $200 and i would rebuild it myself. But i do not know how well it would be for a beginner on the track. My second question is the size of the bike. I really like the 250, 2stokes and i have heard that the 250's are easier to learn on than the 125's. i have also heard that i would get bored with a 125 quickly. My price range for a used bike is around $2500-$3000. I would just like some opinions on what i should do. Thank you for you

*** Looking for some advice**** i don't know how i missed that

If you have any riding experience, you should not have a problem with a 250

2 stroke. The 250's are great all-around bikes. If you are looking to spend $2,500-3000, you should be able to get a really nice clean 250.

My vote is for the 125. At your height and weight, you will not get bored with it on a MX track. The 250 is also a great choice and you will never get bored of it. The reason I say 125 is because you will be able to find a mint, late model bike in your budget. The 250 is going to cost more so you will probably have to settle for just a "decent" bike in that price range. Also, the 125 is not more difficult to learn on as you said. Most people would say that a 125 is THEE bike to learn MX on!

I do agree with your logic on the 4 stroke 250...may be a risky used bike purchase.

ok let me ask another question, what class would be a better choice to race in 125 or 250. What would be a better class where i could be more "competitive" against the other racers since im just beginning mx? or are they both about the same?

As a beginner, you can probably race the 125, 250, and 250F in the same class. If you are young, the 125 has a schoolboy class that is just 125's. I really don't think the bike will define the competitiveness of the class...you'll be most competitive on the bike that feels best to you and that suits your ability. Good riders spank 450's on a 125 in open classes all the time.

When you advance into the B class or better, the 250 2 stroke will give you the advantage imo.

All three bikes have advantages over the other though...the 125 will help you become a really good rider; the 250F is the easiest bike to ride fast in MX, so you will probably be faster on it than the other two in the beginning; and the 250 2 stroke will reward you with the most power once you are good enough to ride it right and will punish you for doing it wrong in the form of a hospital visit.

I went with the 125 because I want to be a really skilled MX rider and move up to at least a fast B class. My skill is improving very rapidly on the 125. My understanding is that a 250F doesn't require as much skill to go fast and so it would take longer to get better on one. I would love a 250 2 stroke but I just think it is too much bike for me at this point...

Get a 2006 or 2007 Yamaha YZF 250. Second choice would be a 2005 or newer YZ 250. Dont waste your time with a 125.

It's all opinion. I love my yz 125 and im extremely happy i went with it. I would've probably killed myself on a 250ts and i think a 250f is just a big heavy piggy. I don't think you should get bored of a 125 and anyways you can always bore it if you start looking for more power. I would just try out some of the bikes your thinking of if you can and go from there.

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