178 Main to a 195 main?

hey guys just installed the JD jet kit and put the reccomended 195 MJ in.

i pulled out a 178 MJ.

this is a pretty big jump up. but the bike feels so so good. responsive. instant power. NO BOG :smirk: could of sworn it was FI:worthy:. haha

question is.. why would it have had a 178? and is the 195 too big? im at sea level and its about 20c -28c all year..

P.S. the bike feels like a totally different bike... was it starving for fuel before? and now it has enough it wants to rip my arms off haha:ride:

the JD needles have a very large tip and dictate the need for the large main jets.

should the 195 be used just as a base? should i try the 190 and 185 to see if it would produce more torque or power??? maybe Mr. JD could chime in if hes around too?

p.s stock is 178. for EU models.

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