How old were you when you first rode a dirtbike?

Just wandering how long you all have been riding? I started riding dirtbikes when I was 8 now I am 16.

Thanks for all replies:thumbsup:

i was 10 on my first bike an 06 klx110 but i used to ride four wheelers before bikes lol :smirk:

the first moto I rode was at about 6 years old, but the first time i actually got a moto was at 11 years old, and now im 14

i was 9 in 1970 when i got my first ride,a 1970 60 !!

Rode one once when I was 6, just a friends old suzuki 50. Never really wanted one until my neighbor got a pw80 when we were 11. Paid for half of my TTR90 when I was 12. Rode it in my 1 acre backyard. Been riding and racing ever since.

im 15 now and i first started riding a 1979 z50 when i was 5

8 and it was a Rupp, any of you gezzers remember Rupp's, Im sure there are many.

It was more or less a trail bike, or what every your imagination can think of.

Got my first bike and rode it on my second b day 1987 but no I couldn't wipe my own a$$

I twas 8. Built it myself. 1979 Honda Z-50.

I got my first bike on my 5th bday and my son got his on his 5th bday!!

31 my daughters 50 I bought my first bike in march of this year a 1982 RM125 and just bought a wr250 I love riding

i think 7 and it was a briggs and stratton minibike that we rode on some trails near our house

I was 7 years old and had a 1978 Honda XL 75. I put over 11,000 km's on it until I traded up to a brand new 1984 Honda XR 200. Then moved to team green. i have been riding for 33 years now, wow time fly's...

I was 5 when my mom an I were at a garage sale an I seen a small mini bike with a 3hp Tecumseh in it an I begged an begged untill my mom said ok an it's been bike after bike since then 92 xr100, 93 kx80, 89 yz250, 89 suzuki lt500r "the quadzilla" 03 cr250, 05 trx450r , 89 banshee ( for only a yr an got the bike itch again) to my current 00 rm250 an I'm now 29 wow 24 yrs of riding really flys by when ur having fun!

I was 8 in 1988 and started on a 1981 xr80....been riding ever since

Just bought my 8 year old son his first bike...a crf70

Its in the blood

i was 8 had a 1975 xr75 now 28 and ride an rm 250

I was 8 and I started with a 1980 XR80. It was awesome!

I was 6 when I rode a Honda Trail 50 for the first time.

I haven't been as blessed as some others.. I was 17 or 18 first time I rode a dirtbike at my friends.. Bought my first bike in 06 at what 24 yrs old.

I started at 4 in 5, I was actually getting it figured out.


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