Need to know what year

My friend bought a "96" kx 250 motor but Im not too sure it is a 96. Is there any way of telling what year it is by the sereal# on the case?

What's the case number and more importantly the 4 digit number on the left side of the cylinder near the reed cage?

Yes, please post the engine number and cylinder number.

cylinder #-1793

engine case #-KX250LE002236

The cylinder is definately 1996. The engine number looks like a low number L model (99-02) which would make it a 99. Another spot to look is the output shaft. If it looks like the one below it's 94-98. If the splines are finer then it's a 99-02.


There are aprox. 13 splines on it and they are finer. Would the 96 cylinder work on this 99 bottom end? I dont know anything about kawasakis :smirk: The motor came with all the electrical and the carb. Also, why does the carb have wires that hook to the wiring harness?:smirk:

Sorry, bump

Most of the engine parts swap from 94-02. If the carb has electricals then its not 96. One connector is the power jet, two connectors is power jet and TPS.

It has two wires on the back side of it that connect into the wiring harness. Thank you for the replys. Now I have a general idea of what we have. Thanks

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