Husky 175

A friend of mine has a 1976 Husky 175 that he would like to sell. It has been sitting in a shed in NM for the last 25 yrs or so. Could someone give me an idea of what it is worth. I have seen pictures and it is in very good shape and runs fine. He would like to sell it and I would like to have it.

76 175??? you must mean 125.

They were under powered and not real popular back then like the larger Huskys. Not a real colector item,but again, they didn't sell many,,, so it could be rare.

I had a 175 husky.It was a nice playbike,the motor was underpowered for the chassis so it was not a rocketship.I say buy it and enjoy.they are fun and easy.

So they did make a 175?? Hummmm... i think i leart somethang today.

I really didn't know that..

They had 175 kits for 125's starting in '74. Shortly afterward, Husky offered a factory 175WR with a different bore and stroke through '76. Not real fast or popular, it would still be fun to have as a campground bike or to run in a vintage enduro's, should those ever catch on.

If you get the bike, let us know. I think a 175 Husky would be a fun trail bike.:smirk: I have a 76 WR 360, and it's been a blast.

I am told that this is a Husky 175 in the video :


Dave R

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