Honda crf230f?

I was wondering what you guys think about the crf230f. Im trying to decide if its worth buying or if i should just stick with a 2 stroke and get a 125. I love riding trails but I occasionally like to ride on a track. Can the 230 do both? Or is it more of a one sided trail only bike? Just wanting your overall opinion on it. Thanks!

There extremely heavy, my friend and his friend have on and they dont like them, I would get a 125

I would not get a 230, you will want more of a bike soon. I have a 125 and i love it so far. you really have to work that thing to go fast on tight trails.

If you do more of straight faced-paced trails then go for the 125 because you can also hit the track. But if you have tight trails i would go with a 250f, or maybe one of KTM's trail 2 strokes.

crf250x is also a good choice same weight{give or take a little }almost twice the HP youll have room{power}to grow into,and you can take that to the track too, if your not a hardcore racer it will be fine on he track

Our 230F is a great bike. But heavy and limited suspension. Super torquey easy riding motor with low center of gravity. Great ergonomics and everything works very well.

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