Whats this on my rear wheel?

Excuse me if this is a stupid question but I just picked up a new bike and noticed these things on my rear rim. They say 1/4oz 7cm

Any idea what they mean?


Look like wheel weights. If a wheel is out of balance, then weights can be added to bring it back into balance.

A little hard to see clearly on my phone, but they look like weights for balancing the wheel/tire.

Wheel weights? Your tire and wheel was out of balance and they are weights with an adhesive on the back. What kind of bike? Is it new to you?

I'm willing to bet those are opposite the rim lock. And yes they are weights.

Sorry it looks like I tried to post first but a couple of guys beat me to the punch

I wish the dealer had done that to my new bike.

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Gotcha. thanks guys.

I bought the bike used and need to replace the tires. Do I need to remove the wheel weights or get it rebalanced?

Wow, 5oz of weight, must be a heavy rim lock!!

I'd just mount the new tire and then check for balance. Adjust weights as needed.

How about the front wheel?

There's a few more on the rear rim. But none on the front.

I'm totally clueless to wheel weights, is this a bad thing?

All the wheel weights do is balance the entire wheel so that when you spin it, it will not flop from a heavier side exerting more centrifugal force.

Not entirely noticeable at low speeds, but if you're moving quickly you will most certainly notice it. An unbalanced tire/rim can tear up your bearings sometimes too..

never balanced a dirtbike tire never noticed a need at highspeeds

According to that photo, you have 2.5 ounces on your rim. Each little square is a 1/4 ounce. Or 4 of those squares is about 30 grams. Roughly 30 grams to an ounce. I use these on a computerized tire balancer. Hope this helps you.

never balanced a dirtbike tire never noticed a need at highspeeds

Whether you can feel it would depend on how out of balance it is. A perfectly balanced wheel is obviously ideal and a way out of balance wheel would noticeably hop at speed.

I'm willing to bet those are opposite the rim lock. And yes they are weights.

This is a smart man, makes perfect sense.

that is a fair bit of weight and even though its balanced and not vibrate it will put extra load on the wheel when spinning at high speeds and can have an adverse effect.

All wheels and tires will have a heavy spot in them which will cause vibration.

A good way to reduce weight is to balance the wheel with wheel lock no tire, it will have a heavy spot. Balance it till its perfect with weights so the wheel has no heavy spots then put the tire on balance again find the spot on the wheel/tire, mark the spot on the tire that tells you put weight on, break the bead and spin the tire on the rim till the mark on the tire is directly opposite the weight on the wheel then inflate the tire, take off all weight you have put on and the balance the wheel and tire again.

What this does is put the heavy spot of the wheel/lock opposite to the heavy spot of the tire and effectivly canceling out most of the counter balance weight from both so when you balance the tire/lock/wheel it will require less weight and will have a better balance.

This helps alot for race cars, bikes that do high speeds and cars/bikes that have huge heavy spots from factory.

Don't know if this will help a dirt bike but it wont hurt.

not at all. They just balance a wheel out. You dont want a wheel with a heaver point at one end compared to the other, like above a heavy rim lock per say..

Ive never seen that amount put on a wheel before but if you want..

put the axle through and try to prob the wheel as straight as you can get in the air. with the axle holding it in place, i.e you should be able to spin it.

Get some chalk and make a mark at TDC of the wheel, mark it so you can look at it from the side.

Now let the wheel go. Does the wheel stay put, or does it start rotating?

If it starts rotating watch to where your mark goes and where the wheel stops.

Where the wheel stops at the very bottom is where you may need weights.

Dont panic if it rotates a wee bit. The wheels pretty much spot on from there.

I dont know about amateur or trail riding but I know pros do it. Hey a team I helped out with at track days and race meetings made most of their income on balancing wheels and changing tyres :smirk:. That was for motorcycles though.

good luck!

Just realised I wrote out pretty much what pantera did lol

Ah well theyre both the same method practically :smirk:

Why would you do this on a dirtbike? Once you get some mud caked in there its unbalanced anyway.

Why would you do this on a dirtbike? Once you get some mud caked in there its unbalanced anyway.

Cuz it doesn't take much work and at least it starts out balanced? Also, high speed desert riding and mud are usually mutually exclusive.

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