mid-bore cr

Has any one ever tried or even thought about putting a cr125 crank in to a cr250 engine? This engine would be going in a cr125 and it would be a harescramble bike, I would like it to be like a ktm 200. Would I have issues with crankcase preasure at all or anything?

Just my opinion, but I think you'd be going to a lot of trouble and expense to end up with something that most likely won't work as well as an out of the box KTM200.

I think you'd be miles ahead to either do a big bore kit on the 125, or sell it and buy a KTM200.

the cr125 motor is a dog, you'd be better off putting a flywheel weight on any 92-07 cr250

in fact the 02-07 case reed motor is pretty anemic for a 2-stroke motor (compared to the other bikes in the class) and would be a good woods bike

The way to accomplish this is to swap the motor to either a KDX200 or 220. This swap is not too difficult and gives you the added feature of a 6 speed trans.

yea..it could be done...how much money do you have?

yea..it could be done...how much money do you have?

Well if you're directing that question to me I will say not much and hopefully enough to finish my current project, a KDX220 powered 07 CR125.

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