1978 XL100 Ignition switch Question

So I currently have a 1978 XL100 which is about done with its mild restore as it didn't need a lot of help anyways. :smirk: The bike had everything except the key and ignition. In my ignorance I went on ebay and picked up a 2 wire ignition switch with key without noticing the wiring harness called for a 4 wire ignition switch YIKES help.

I went looking for a 4 wire ignition and man they dont seem to exist. Can I somehow wire in this two wire ignition to serve the same purpose or are there other options? As far as I can tell only 77-78 had the 4 wire ignition which has red, red+white, black, and green+white.

Looking at the diagram I thought I could use the 2 wires coming off the ignition switch and just wire them in with the following order but it didnt seem to do anything but pop a fuse. :smirk:

red from ignition to red and red+white

Black from ignition to black and green+white

Thanks in advance...

Check Ebay.co.uk as there are loads of ignition switches on there, most should post to you for an added cost for postage

Check Ebay.co.uk as there are loads of ignition switches on there, most should post to you for an added cost for postage

I had not thought of that I will try that for not only the ign switch but it appears this 78 also requires a 3 wire turn signal flasher rather than the 2 wire most have as well.

Thanks again

I checked the UK ebay and actually didnt find anything but there was a US guy who had a ignition with no key...boooooo but was a 4 wire so I will take it up to a locksmith to get a new key made for it hopefully.

Nice that would have worked perfectly but I already purchased this U.S one with no key but it does come with the OEM bracket to and I located a guy here who will make original keys based off the code on the lock.

So have any of you seen a keycode of 6VJ703? I thought they all started with a letter then 3-4 #s after. The two wire ignition was as expected but this stamp on the ignition for this 78 XL100 is one I have not seen. It is a 4 wire ignition which 77-78 models have. I am trying to get the correct key blank of anyone has the Key blank # (should be on anyones key that has this year model xl100) that would help me a lot for 77-78 XL100 model only.

Thanks in advance

Well I got in contact with John at http://www.motorcyclekeys.com/ and he was able to get me setup with some keys so I am business.

You should visit his site he has a ton of keys and history on how to locate the correct one.

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